Topic: cFosSpeed 6 [Trial Reset]

cFosSpeed 6 [Trial Reset]
NDIS driver for Windows 7, Windows Vista, XP and 2000, x86 and x64
Traffic Shaping for existing connections, broadband & narrowband
Traffic Shaping for routers and/or DSL/cable modems
Configurable installer with branding
Configurable status window with skins
RTP/VoIP Detection
Traffic limits, speed limits
Prioritization of Programs
Normal data transfer:
Data reception needs to be confirmed (ACKnowledgment packets) before new data can be sent.
No Traffic Shaping:
ACK packets are stalled and delayed by a simultaneous upload. As a result, the download is slowed down as well.
cFos Traffic Shaping:
ACK packets are prioritized in the upstream, allowing the download to continue at maximum speed.

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