I continue having the issue of chillispot not loading.

I am using chillispot 1.0 and FreebSD 6.2-R. The error I am getting when I try to star it shows as follow.

Nov  5 16:23:31 fosbox chillispot[19895]: dhcp.c: 234: 6 (Device not configured) ioctl(SIOCSIFFLAGS) failed
Nov  5 16:23:31 fosbox chillispot[19895]: dhcp.c: 213: 6 (Device not configured) ioctl(SIOCSIFFLAGS) failed
Nov  5 16:23:31 fosbox chillispot[19895]: dhcp.c: 281: 6 (Device not configured) ioctl(SIOCSIFADDR) failed
Nov  5 16:23:31 fosbox chillispot[19895]: dhcp.c: 549: 6 (Device not configured) ioctl() failed
Nov  5 16:23:31 fosbox chillispot[19895]: chilli.c: 3503: Failed to create dhcp

I try uncomenting the port as you susgested , still having the same issue. Any ideas?

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FreeRadius (accounting, authorization) for WRT54G

This how will guide you how to install and configure FreeRadius to work with Linksys WRT54G on which Chillispot runs.
I am not a C programmer or something like that. And I do not know C code at all. I am just a user how did install FreeRadius for WRT54G HotSpot solution
My environment is Debian Woody.

Ok let


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dropveter wrote:

Let's keep ChilliSpot alive


Yeah, Chillispot is the best wireless portal, let's continue its development.


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chilli_admin wrote:

You can browse the internet archive here:


Or you may find certain topics in Google's search archive:


it seems to me that we lost the Google cache content as I was trying to get to some of the post, but couldn't, oh well, bring on the new members and we will catch up.


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j3j3j3j3 wrote:

happy to see that the page is online , i guess cant erecover the old forum smile

anyway i have a question : Witch version of chilli + mysql + phpmyprepaid we should use ? i mean what is the stable one and should work without errors?

for ex i have a fc3 with kernel 2.6.9-1.667 with mysql  Ver 11.18 Distrib 3.23.58, FreeRADIUS Version 1.1.7 , chillispot 1.1.0 , and phpmyprepaid 0.4 beta 3

the radius doesnt connect to mysql ( dunno why because the sql.conf file is good ) chilli is working fine ( ip, dns, routing, etc)  phpmyprepaid doesnt work he can not create the tables into mysql

soon someone will comment on this, I am not sure if ti is a problem in the mysql tables, you might want to look at the logs of MySql when you try connecting with the radius


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Dear Development Team,
It is a pleasure to see that the forum has been migrated into a new domain ".info", although we lost of the content, we still have the hope to continue development of the best wireless portal. Please continue the development in conjunction with DD-WRT as it is a very user friendly firmware supported by the broadcom line of routers. Lisandro Grullon