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Hi there!

I also had the same issue, wanted to change login page. But where do I put that php code?

I saved it on php file and put in cgi-bin directory, in the chilli.conf changed the uamserver to that file instead of hotspotlogin.cgi. It does not work, it says internal server error and the apache log say: "(8)Exec format error: exec of..."

If this works, I hope also to disable the popup page, in order to work with PDA's and other devices that do not have popups activated.

Best Regards, and tanks in advance!


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Hello all, I'm newbie to Chillispot.

I've just installed it and it seems to work fine. But after some search I found CoovaChilli, witch is based on Chillispot. I have no wonder that Chillispot is good, but what are the major differences to CoovaChilli? I just tested with local FreeRadius, but I want to authenticate on an external radius. Any hint in witch is the best for me?

Tanks in advance!