Thank you mezzmor for the response.

Well I gave it a shot and it worked prefectly fine with a single server!

Here is what I did:
- I configured eth0 on the server with a public IP address.
- I directed the authentication requests to the cerntral server by configuring chillispot module on the access points.
- I didn't connect eth1 to anything (just left it to work without a cable).
- I even changed the subnet on the AP's to be different from and it worked perfectly fine!

Now the client connects to the AP. The AP gives him the DCHP configurations. When he tries to browse, it directs him to the login page. When he enters the username-password pair, FreeRadius receives the request and processes it normally.

Thanks again mezzmor.

Hello everyone

I have FreeRADIUS & Chillispot installed on Fedora Core 7. I have 3 seperate locations (the branches of our company) and would like the users to get authenticated againest the RADIUS server that is located in the headquarter office.

The only connection medium between these branches is: Internet. My question is: Can I direct the authentication requests to the RADIUS server over the internet? If yes, how? And can I disable Chillispot's DHCP server and use a local DCHP server from the access point itself for each branch?

Thank you in advance for the help.

Good job guys! This HowTo was extremely helpful to me.

What is the best approach for me if I want to implement Chillispot to authenticate users from 3 physically-distant places? Will Chillispot still be the DHCP server? Or will each location have its own DHCP server(the AP for instance)?
How to go about this scenario?

Thanks everybody!