Thanks its useful to know how it works.
I think i've now solved it now, well almost.

I set the Session-Timeout attribute in my radius server and it has started working. It now kicks out the user when the time is up.
My next problem is, if they buy a 1 hour access ticket, login, get kicked out after 1 hour, then they can just login again.

Ideally I need to record the number of minutes they have used. I've read about Max-All-Session attribute but it seems to crash chillispot when I set it, will have to keep playing with it.


Not sure if you've solved this one yet?
You could just put in a simple HTML image tag as follows:

<img src="" />


Thanks for the info, FreeRadius seems to provide the kind of functionality I need.
Unfortunately the platform is windows so I can't use FreeRadius.

I've tried shutting down the radius server and chilli seems to let me keep on browsing so i'm confused.

Does anyone know how this works, does chilli poll the radius server continuously checking the account is valid or does the radius somehow notify chilli on expiry?

Hi All,
I'm fairly new to Chillispot and i'm near to adopting it as my hotspot solution.
Only problem is that i'm struggling to find a way to terminate users access after a set period of time. I can't find anything suitable that describes how I go about this.

I've tried setting the expiry time in my Radius server (TekRadius) and this works to an extent.. It prevents login after the expiry time, however if you're already logged in, it just lets you carry on regardless. I need to be able to physically stop a user from browsing and return them to the login screen after say 1 hour. The worry is that if I grant access local residents could just stay connected and hog the bandwidth.

My question is, is there a way to communicate with Chillispot on a port and tell it to check the radius expiry times? Or am I doing something wrong. Any assistance would most helpful.


I'm running Chillispot on DD-WRT v24 on X86.