Upgraded from an old version of free radius last fall. Now users on some smart phones are unable to connect.

I had this issue before and was able to add multiple users with different passwords to the users files.

After testing I found it only uses the first username that matches... 
After research I concluded that you can no longer set freeradius to not be case sensative, And if the Fall-Through attribute is placed it will only accept the password of the last user in the file.

Any ideas on the best work around?

Looking for a way to allow blue-ray players with netflix and blockbuster to connect and watch movies. I thought about using uamallowed....   But don't know the domains used for streaming

Also does usmallowed compatible with sub domains

I found users starting to not get IP's. I looked found chilli saying there were no available IP's
So my network has grown....

My settings in chilli.conf

I still need static IP's, no problems changing them there's only about 25. Just not sure how it should be done.
I know changing net instead of /24 gives me 4093 dynip but I still need static ip's.

what is the best way to go about this?

Here's the setup.  FYI pretty large resort,

Cable<-->Office Lan <--> Chilli <---> North Side VDSL <--> South VDSL             (North VDSL has 14 AP's South has 18 AP's)

I have configured DVR's to work on the INTIF side and we have access to them. This works fine, but we have 1 that can not get VDSL to it. Ideally I should be able to put a wireless bridge between one of the AP's and the DVR. However DHCP is then lost. If I hook my laptop to it after being connected it will then use a preferred IP and connect to net as expected. I can communicate with the AP that is used for the bridge, but can not get DHCP to follow through the wireless bridge.

Anybody had to use this type scenario?

My next idea is use OPEN VPN on  the AP that is used for the bridge. Has anybody tried this?

I did it by adding this code to the firewall. leaving for gateway access,  and for broadcast. I don't believe that the chilli side needs access to the broadcast but I left it open.

Note: 192.168.24.x is my EXTIF and my office LAN and 192.168.240.x is the hotspot

$IPTABLES -I FORWARD -m iprange --src-range -j DROP