Topic: Bandwidth-Max-Up do not work

Hello guys
I'm working in some new features of chillispot, like a socket to check associate clients, authorize or disconnect they all this stuff look that working ok, and before done my pathch I did add bandwidthmaxup and bandwidthmaxdown setting to apply it for all users by default when radius do no send thoes attributes.

The settings works perfect, and bandwidthmaxdown too, but bandwidthmaxup do not work well, or don't work, I did try differents way to compile to be sure leaky_bucket functions is called, and have the proper bucketupsize, I did debug it and the function look like work, do every step that would do, but do not stop the ulpoad trafic.

I don't have a lot experience with tun/tap staff, but look like leaky_bucket is called after tun send outgoing data.

Anyone have some Idea to help me to fix this issue.

Note: bandwithmaxup do not work too in standart chillispot and I did try it over linksys WRT54GL with openwrt and PC with debian.