Topic: handle static ips on chillispot

I  have chilli and radius on my server (fedora 8), everything works great. I want to include people with static ip on my hotspot. I know that this is possible, as there is  a similar feature on coovachilli, and there are plenty of commercial developments regarding this.
What I want is that someone that gets here and have an static ip, can connect to my hotspot without changing its network setup.
I found this post:
but I have the same issue, I don't have a chilli.c file, i tried with chilli.conf, but no luck . anyone made it work?

I also found about the shat project, but I'm not sure if that is what I need. For what I could understand it replaces the chilli's dhcp, but i don't want that.
I really love chillispot and won't change it for anything, but this is something that I really need.

any help would be greatly appreciated