Topic: remote log off

is it possible to log a user off remotely?



Re: remote log off

Yes it is.

--coaport port
    UDP port to listen to for accepting radius disconnect requests.

    If this option is given no check is performed on the source IP address of radius disconnect requests. Otherwise it is checked that radius disconnect requests originate from radiusserver1 or radiusserver2.

The standard port is --coaport 3799

You then send chillispot a POD message

I've written a small perl script which you can pass arguments as to who and where to disconnect:


# print debug output? (0=no, 1=yes)
my $debug = 0;

use strict;

#my $username = "steve";
my ($rad_ip,$rad_secret,$username,$port) = @ARGV;

if ($rad_ip && $rad_secret && $username && $port ){

    system("echo \"User-Name = $username\" | radclient $rad_ip:$port 40 $rad_secret");

    print "--------------------------------------------------\n";
    print "----Usage radpod <NAS Device's IP> <Shared Secret> <User To Disconnect> <Port NAS Device listens on for PoD Packest>---\n";
    print "--------------------------------------------------\n";



You are welcome to use it smile