Topic: Variable problem between server Chillispot and WRT54GL DDWRT


I want to set up a captive portal ChilliSpot with DDWRT firmware on WRT54GL router LYNKSIS.

All goes well and it works perfectly.
Or the I have a problem and I now want to offer my CAPTIVE PORTAL in several languages including English, German, Spanish, etc ...

No problem to select a language and see the captive portal, but where it will go over is when you try to connect I lose systematically the variable "$ lang" when I pass through the router WRT54GL (DDWRT) .

When I said this in my DDWRT varaible " = $ lang" or " = $ _GET ['lang']" It does not work.

Since I spend my server although the variable "$ lang" but I can not treat for DDWRT.
I also lost the variable "$ challenge" and the rest.

PLEASE HELP: how to retrieve the variable $ LANG and $ CHALLENGE from DDWRT??

I tried to install the package IPGK but impossible to install;((((((

Thank you for your help.

NB : Sorry from my bad translation.