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Is it possible to use Chillispot just to send users to a page where they need to push login to continue, with no need for authentication?
I have tried with NoCatSplash, but it uses 100% cpu constantly, so I need something else.

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chilli can not do that cause it authen gateway

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I have exactly this setup for 2 customers.

(1 - A company with WiFi for visitors)
Just setup a generic username/password and edit hotspotlogin.??? so that the form has hidden fields for username/password which are pre-populated.
i.e. <input type="hidden" name="username" value="wifiuser"><input type="hidden" name="password" value="secretword">

The user will just then just see a button for 'login' - press to continue!

(2 - A hotel with Internet access in rooms / wifi in public areas)
Setup a generic username with a password of 'on', then edit hotspotlogin.??? as above so that the username field is pre-populated but for password:
<input type="checkbox" name="password">

The user will then see your splash/terms and conditions and can check the box to confirm their acceptance thereof.

Both of these methods work well and don't require any funny configuration other than editing the cgi login page (I use a PHP version but the idea is the same)

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Is this thread still alive?

I am trying to implement the procedure below and want to present a splash screen from an external webserver.

But where is the "hotspotlogin.cgi" file placed?


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This can be done easily with the free Hotspot Free Basic service. Built into dd-wrt under Services > Hotspot > Hotspot System.