Topic: Static IP Addresses on APs

Hello Guys

Please help on this matter. I have got Mikrotik base station. I have configured Chilli (Version 1.0) but i wonder what i am goind to do about static IP addresses because i always want to be able to manage my devices especially the base station.

My network is as follows:

Internet------Chillispot---------IP DSLAM Switch---------ADSL Router-----BaseStation

I want to be able to fix the IP address of the IP DSLAM switch, the ADSL router and the Base Station. I also want all these devices to relay DHCP information to clients.

NB. I have read about a patch but i don't know how to run it. Any help? The version i am using is 1.0

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Re: Static IP Addresses on APs

Thanks for info.

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