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Topic: Force Disconnect / Logout

Dear Community, I need to force disconnect a user for what ever reason. And it needs to be done in the server having the chilli.

RADTEST works fine:

 radtest chillispot chillispot 0 radiussecret
 Sending Access-Request of id 36 to port 1812
        User-Name = "chillispot"
        User-Password = "chillispot"
        NAS-IP-Address =
        NAS-Port = 0
 rad_recv: Access-Accept packet from host port 1812, id=36, length=20

But RADCLIENT has no response:

echo "User-Name='chillispot'" | radclient -x disconnect radiussecret     
Sending Disconnect-Request of id 126 to port 1700
        User-Name = "chillispot"
Sending Disconnect-Request of id 126 to port 1700
        User-Name = "chillispot"
radclient: no response from server for ID 126 socket 3

By the way, radwho does work because radius accounting is set to SQL but that a different and non-relavant situation. Again, I just want it to disconnect forcebly so that user will have to log-in again.

Re: Force Disconnect / Logout

Tried this command:

echo "User-Name=chillispot" | radclient localhost:3779 disconnect radiussecret

Which it seems disconnect the user. Yey! however.. they dont get to return to the splash page. Any idea how to fix this? or perhaps the radclient disconnect isn't the proper force disconnect.

Re: Force Disconnect / Logout

Tienes que activar en el archivo de configuracion

/etc/chilli.conf el coaport, que es el puerto que escucha para desconectar a un usuario..

radiussecret theradiussecret
dhcpif eth1
uamsecret ht2eb8ej6s4et3rg1ulp
coaport 3799

y ya despues ejecutas sobre shell

echo "User-Name=miusername" | radclient localhost:3799 disconnect theradiussecret

Re: Force Disconnect / Logout

It's doesn't work :-S
My escenary is:

                      Chilli                                      Freeradius
                      200.X.X.57 --------------------- 200.X.X.55

root@Portal:/home/ivanx# cat /etc/chilli.conf
coaport 3799

root@radius# echo "User-Name=ivan.carrasco" | radclient disconnect solideradius
radclient: no response from server for ID 4 socket 3

What can I do? Has anybody an idea to fix it up?

- Los usuarios que no cierran la sesi

Re: Force Disconnect / Logout

do yo opatara iptarapable fer  poto 3779 i ngo?

Did you open port at chilli server to accept coa from freeradius?

just enable to accept udp 3779 for coa.

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Re: Force Disconnect / Logout

I made a few tests and it seems the issue was when we were trying to disconnect users that had already lost their connection.


Re: Force Disconnect / Logout

hey that command works...