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hi all

I am not sure i have posted in the correct area so before i start sorry

I am busy installing a number of DD-wrt wireless points into a school which i want the pupils with there own laptops to logon to via a page which will authenticate with their ad account, i have setup a windows radius server which is working if i setup radius on DD-wrt wpa extended and the laptops to logon the radius server

all the wireless points are connected to the main network via different cabs to allow network access to selected staff and just internet access to pupils the main network is issueing DHCP


can i use chillispot to link to the windows radius server ???

can i use chillispot in this type of config without issueing DHCP from chillispot

how will i force just the laptops (non domain machines ) to authenticate via wireless all the desktop workstations are domain machines

thanks for any help


Re: New installation of chillispot

Hello Paul,
I just joined the forum myself today.
I did some research on the progress of captive portals and walled gardens over the last few weeks. I have been periodically looking into progress on the matter over the last few years.
I found notes and posts on the web stating that the principal palyer or players in stopped support and development and that this site copied some of the info from the original site to attempt to keep the project alive.
I ma not sure who is behind chillispot and this site or whether they are active. I do note that the posts on this site are dated (old). An indication to me that things are not very active.
I hope you get an answer and clarifications. In the meantime and until you get another suggestion I suggest you take a look at its another site I came across that appears to be based on and/or a continuation of chillispot

Re: New installation of chillispot

HI Mike

thanks for the reply

I checked out which worked ok except i could not get it to disable DHCP which is handed out via our servers

i then looked at the DD-wrt which works well with a lot more features to config

the problem i am having is getting a authentication to work via a web page which is where i thought chillispot may of been the answer

i will keep looking !!!!