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Topic: Different portal pages for different nodes


I have got 2 nodes for testing , I have got the "redirection" and the "logging in" working and all.
But now I want to have different logon pages for those nodes.
My problem is that I can't figure out how to identify a node, one thing that I have thought of is to add a random string to the redirect URL and then match it with the one in my database and display the correct login page.
But that solution is not very fancy and I was wondering if there are better ways to identify the node where the user is redirected from?

Re: Different portal pages for different nodes

What is unique and identifiable about these nodes?

(From a PHP perspective) there's plenty you can look at to discriminate: IP addresses, hostnames, machine architecture, browser version etc...

Is that of a any use?

Re: Different portal pages for different nodes

for my case, i use nasid as the parameters..
you can get the nasid as a get variable.
heres what i did :
if $_GET['nasid'] == 'foo'
// include css for foo
// include css for bar