Topic: no mysql

hello all,

I'm very pleased with chillspot, apache-ssl and freeradius.

I have setup a scheme using debian 2.6 whereby authenticated users and passwords are stored in a simple list which is updated as time goes on. I'm doing things this way because mysql takes up too much space. My plan is to use old till-printers to produce tickets on demand. I even have a plan brewing to use the "cisco" button on the front of many linksys routers for such a purpose.

I havn't migrated everything over to an OpenWRT system yet, simply because I don't have a nice enough unit yet (curses to linksys for scaling back the memory on the v5+ routers!)

But everything works great!! Just wanted to extend a big thankyou to those involved in getting things slapped together.

To summarize: chillispot is wonderful, freeradius doesn't require mysql although simple user lists are becoming depreciated, as I have read.

Thanks again for the wonderful, usable code.


Re: no mysql

IVE been using chillispot for nearly 4 years now and with only a small number of users MySQL is 90% must.

Files are ok but can you keep track of where it goes?

rum MySQL on a remote server and we are away!