Topic: Chillispot urgent support please

We do have a wifi system (Chillispot, Radius, MYSQL, FC8, PHP prepaid), the system was working fine. But at the moment when ever we try to login to the login page it take about 60 sec, and then provide us with a message sorry, please try again.

We need some one who can support us and solve this problem / a payment for the support is available

Waiting to hear from expert

Regards and thnx in advance

Re: Chillispot urgent support please

Problem fixed - I hope my services were usefull, should you need support in future please dont hesitate to ask



Re: Chillispot urgent support please

another request for help today after fixing a server in China on Good Friday for a user of chillispot.

give me two hours with a server and you have a solution!

Re: Chillispot urgent support please

MySQL is not setup correctly, my standard fee for fixing an uptodate server is

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Re: Chillispot urgent support please

Or you can ask&learn right there: http://*************.com/hotspotforum/

You'll find a lot of peoples that will offer you free & quality support