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Hi all,
First excuse my bad english, i speak only french.

I have:
- adsl router -->
- I have installed ubuntu server with (freeradius+apache2+mysql+chillispot) with 2 network cards (eth0 and eth1)
- i have wifi ap (edimax) and wds edimax.
My question is, how ton configure my router ton use my ubunto for use chillispot !?


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You're ADSL router is your WAN link to the world, it doesn't require any configuration.
This is what your configuration should look like:

[Internet Cloud] <-> [ADSL Router] <-> [Ubuntu Server] <-> [Wireless AP]

On the Ubuntu server you need to setup one ethernet card to connect to the ADSL router for an Internet link
and the second ethernet card goes into the Edimax AP for the wireless interface.

Then it's just all about setting up chillispot for the captive portal.


Liran Tal.

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Hi tnks for answer,
Exemple for config wireless AP (gateway --> ip for adsl router or ip for ubuntu!?) and dhcp in wireless AP (on or off)
my edimax wireless AP ( )


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[ADSL Router] dhcp (on)
[Ubuntu Server] dhcp (off) - chillispot has its own dhcp server
[Wireless AP] dhcp (off) - setup as a bridge or repeater mode (not sure which)

Are you trying to use edimax BR-6304Wg as both [ADSL Router] and [Wireless AP]?

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I have another question.
Can I set an IP range ( for DHCP and set several static IPs for internal person (network administrators) who can access to the internal network ( ?
Maybe editting any chilli conf file, and tell it that if the requesting comes from any specific IP let it access to the Internal LAN?
Thx in advance

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That code worked, thanks for the code.