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Hi, I hope you can help me with this because it's been driving me crazy.


I am implementing a Radius Server in C# which connects to an acccess point running Chillispot. It's working ok and I can do things like setting the Iddle Timeout, SessionTimeout, etc, but when I try to set the MaxBandwidth attiribute, Chillispot does not seem to understand the response I return and keeps sending me the AccessRequest message, so the user cant connect through it.

The attribute I am setting is the WISPr, setting the VendorType to BandwidthMaxUp (code 7). If I modify  the API so it  matches with the RFC 2865(, it still doesnt work.

Is there any documentation about how I have to specify this attribute? (another RFC, maybe Chillispot uses some different protocol or something,etc). Maybe some really compatible API you know?

thanks in advance for your help...


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cri cri...jejeje

Finally I got the response.... It's the same RFC as the one of the FreeRadius Server.I had to re adapt the code of the library to that RFC. If someone ever needs it email me at