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I recently install the Chillispot Captive Portal solution on a small test-setup using ubuntu linux as server and Windows XP as client pc.
I followed this guide :
The system works fine, but! the redirection to the webserver and chillispot loginpage is very very slow.
I timed the process from starting IE7 to the login page appearing to about 20 seconds.

The server and client machines have the same specs: P4 2.4Ghz, 256MB Mem, 40GB HDD, 100Mbps.

The network schema can be seen here:

I created a wireshark dump of the traffic, which is available here:

Any ideas?

Re: Very slow login process

Update! I tried installing Firefox3 which has no problem at all. The login page appears immedeatly.. so it's an IE issue

Re: Very slow login process

I have narrowed down the problem to verification of the SSL certificate.
Both IE, Opera, FF and Safari loads quit fast when the certificate has been preapproved.

I think the best way is to get the certifikate signed properly.