Topic: PepperSpot : next generation captive portal

Hello everyone,

I don't know if it is the right place to talk about it here but I announce that a new captive portal forked from Chillispot is available : PepperSpot.

This project has started in the Louis Pasteur university, Strasbourg, France. We fix some bugs and cleanup code, but the main "new" functionnality is IPv6 support. PepperSpot can provide IPv6 access for authenticated user (via login pages or WPA).

The source code can be downloaded from sourceforge website :

Any feedback is very welcome in order to improve our implementation.

Best regards,
Sebastien Vincent
Network Research Team, University of Strasbourg, France

Technical details :
- IPv6 platform uses Router Advertisement (RA) to autoconfigure client IPv6 address (no DHCP);
- PepperSpot can do authentication with IPv6 Radius server (i.e. Freeradius >= 2.0);
- PepperSpot needs a delegate IPv6 prefix to work (as in IPv6 there is no NAT support in Linux's ip6tables);
- Setting routing daemon (rip, ospf, ...) on the captive portal (i.e. Quagga) is strongly recommended, but static configuration also work;
- Respect POSIX + XSI standards as much as possible (we update some part);

A howto is available in the README file of PepperSpot archive / SVN.