Topic: Mac Address exception


I'm trying to enter a mac address into chilli.conf so that the login page is bypassed.
Below is from chilli.conf :


# TAG: macallowed
# List of MAC addresses.
# The MAC addresses specified in this list will be authenticated only on
# their MAC address.
# This tag is ignored if the macauth tag is given.
# It is possible to specify this tag multiple times.
# Normally you do not need to uncomment this tag.
#macallowed 00-0A-5E-AC-BE-51,00-30-1B-3C-32-E9
macallowed 00-1B-24-9F-63-47

After restarting chillispot daemon, and restaring the client computer, I still get the login page.
Is there something else I have to edit in freeradius to make this work?

Chillispot version 1.0
Freeradious 2.0.4

Re: Mac Address exception

Since I was just using freeradius to authenticate against regular unix accounts,
I thought I would just try adding the mac address as a system user.
# useradd 00-00-00-00-00-00
... with the password supplied in chilli.conf.

This seems to work well so far.
I hope this is the correct way to do it.   smile

Re: Mac Address exception

I use macauth.
it 's more easy than macallow cause your can add on db not on chilli.conf.

by add mac as UserName and Password as password.

wait for 10 minutes and login .

It 's work..