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From the opening page...

"hotspotlogin.cgi should be seen as the reference implementation. On the forum you will find many variants of this script. Implementations exist in php, asp and even a binary version written in C. These scripts have special features which makes it easier for you to modify the script."

Where can I find the ASP version of the login pages.


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from what i remember from the old chillispot forum there was a problem with windows and ASP and MD5,

the login script makes use of MD5 to hash the password and ASP couldnt deal with this correctly.

someone please correct me if im wrong.

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Where can I find the PHP version of the login pages.


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The PHP version of the UAM page can be found inside this post:

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I've found a way to generate md5hashes with asp/c# and I'm able to convert bitstrings to hex and vice versa.

My problem are the following two lines:

$newpwd = pack("a32", $_GET["pwd"]);
$password = implode ("", unpack("H32", ($newpwd ^ $newchal)));

Don't know how to implemend them in c#.

Doesn't anybody has the asp loginscripts from the old forum, even if they may be buggy?

Thanks a lot.

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mvanhelmont wrote:

You can download my asp version that i have used for a while:


Marcel van Helmont

Hi Marcel,

I would be very interested in your asp version  ?

The link you specified does not go anywhere - can you specify another location ?



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Could you please upload the file

Its broken please upload