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Hi guys

Now i'm using chillispot with SLES10.2 and free radius. In the chillispot configuration file, there is uamallowed which allows users to be able to browse any website or ip address that are defined in this tag. Thus, can chillispot do the pass-through ip for specific ip address of users? I mean if I want a specific user which has an specific ip address can be access internet without login or authentication.
I used to practice this pass-through ip in Monowall and it works very well. So Can chillspot do this? if it can, could you drop me the steps to make it through? or what should i do?

Thanks in advance

Re: Pass-through Ip

you can use mac authen not ip-pass cause ip always change

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Thank for ur reply.
I now can do Mac authentication in radcheck table
and also Mac authentication with a reply dhcp ip address for a specific Mac in radreply table.
Anyway i want to set a static ip for a computer and that computer can use internet freely without adding Mac address.
Have any idea?

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by my test

static is not stable with chillispot, you may add static on eth1 (for ubuntu) and open firewall to allow the ip.