Topic: Acct-Interim-Interval not working

Chillispot 1.0-4 on Debian Etch (dpkg) & Freeradius 1.1.3-3

We have been pulling our hair out for days trying to make the accounting interval work in this setup to no avail, it seems chilli just does nothing with it which seems like a bug.

16:36:58.972685 IP (tos 0x0, ttl  64, id 0, offset 0, flags [DF], proto: UDP (17), length: 54) > RADIUS, length: 26
        Access Accept (2), id: 0x00, Authenticator: a6b4d2e103f2d40913e183248d231c6d
          Accounting Interim Interval Attribute (85), length: 6, Value: 30 secs

You can see above it clearly get sent with Access Accept but nothing happens until the user logs off when accounting is updated for the session.

tcpdump shows nothing over the period, no failure logs in freeradius.


Re: Acct-Interim-Interval not working

looks like this was resolved with additional dictionary entries;

VENDOR          ChilliSpot                   14559                             
BEGIN-VENDOR    ChilliSpot                                                     
ATTRIBUTE    ChilliSpot-Max-Input-Octets        1    integer                   
ATTRIBUTE    ChilliSpot-Max-Output-Octets        2    integer                   
ATTRIBUTE    ChilliSpot-Max-Total-Octets        3    integer                   
ATTRIBUTE    ChilliSpot-Bandwidth-Max-Up            4       integer             
ATTRIBUTE    ChilliSpot-Bandwidth-Max-Down          5       integer             
ATTRIBUTE    ChilliSpot-Config                      6       string             
ATTRIBUTE    ChilliSpot-Lang                        7       string             
ATTRIBUTE    ChilliSpot-Version                     8       string             
ATTRIBUTE    ChilliSpot-OriginalURL                 9       string             
ATTRIBUTE    ChilliSpot-Acct-View-Point             10    integer               
VALUE    ChilliSpot-Acct-View-Point ChilliSpot-NAS-View-Point    1             
VALUE    ChilliSpot-Acct-View-Point ChilliSpot-Client-View-Point 2             
# Configuration management parameters (ChilliSpot Only)                         
ATTRIBUTE    ChilliSpot-UAM-Allowed            100    string                   
ATTRIBUTE    ChilliSpot-MAC-Allowed            101    string                   
ATTRIBUTE    ChilliSpot-Interval            102    integer                     
# Inline with RFC 2882 use of VSE-Authorize-Only for remote config             
# Note that 14559 = 0x38df is used as prefix for the VSE.                       
# This is recognized as the best (but bad) way of doing VSEs.                   
# (ChilliSpot Only - CoovaChilli uses Service-Type = Administrative-User)       
#VALUE    Service-Type            ChilliSpot-Authorize-Only 0x38df0001         
END-VENDOR    ChilliSpot