Topic: Radius logging and MySQL

Evening everyone, hope its still evening.

21:22 at the start on the 12th March 2008

I have found a few things for radius recently, first daloRADIUS on Sourceforge, its most execlent!

next caferadius that if you search my messages you will find the information needed.

I have implimented these in two locations! it all works well.

Struggling With Hotcakes and cake application for PHP. my CENTOS 4.x box it not as stable as its last incarnation.

anyone with hotcakes help?

daloRADIUS is cool again, just about to look again at coovaCHILLI, ,

download dalo adopt OLSR and have fun with ChilliSpot - if you need help ask me, beg me and if im lucky pay me!

Re: Radius logging and MySQL

Thanks for the positive feedback Andrew,
daloRADIUS is all about community and users needs, we develop it so that everyone can customize
it and deploy it fast and easy on any server.

I'd love to hear if there are any feature requests to improve daloRADIUS.

Liran Tal.

Re: Radius logging and MySQL

can i force disconnect the user to chilli and daloRADIUS? Im having a hard time doing it with free radius