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Topic: Wrong AcctSessionTime being insert in radacct table

Hi all,

I don't know which section to post this so I choose the most active. Pls move to another section if it's not appropriate.

Today a user can't login and complain that their one month account has reach the maximum usage which is not supposed to happen yet. So, I check the problem and found that 3 user has their AcctSessionTime in radacct table with a ridiculous value and way exceed 2592000 (30 days) which is not supposed to happen except if there is some glitch somewhere. I did solve it by removing the entries and restart the whole server. Removing the entry alone without restarting the sever did not fix it. They can login but time left is just 5 hours instead of 29 days.

I'm trying to figure out what had happened by checking some log in the server but found nothing. I'm afraid that this is a bug and might happen again and need to find the cause. So, could someone advice me where to look? What's the likely reason to this?