Topic: Random problems with password encoding


I'm [still] using Chillispot, but I guess the problem could be unrelated to the client.
I'm experiencing problems with password encoding. I use GoLogin PHP login page, which works "mostly".

Now I have a very busy NAS which causes me troubles with a lot of failed logins. I invesigated long time on the radius server, but it seems that the problem is on the client side, since the password decoded by radius is wrong, as spotted in this debug line:

        User-Name = "MYUSERNAME"
        User-Password = "\002\234\350v[z\035Y\237\257\354\245\326\213\305."

I was obviously suggested that the secret is wrong, but I double checked and it's correct, in fact most (half?) of the logins are done correctly. Yet, many of them fail because the password is wrongly encoded.
How is it possible that the same login page generates a wrong password?

I tried configuring another nas with the same parameters, and logins are performed correctly, even with the credentials which just went wrong on the previous hotspot.

I don't know what could be wrong, any ideas?