Topic: Women's Nike Free Run Review

For all you women out there, I can definitely say that the Women's Nike Free Run Sale is an excellent buy. This is quality footwear and it is able to deliver all the features that you will be looking for in a running shoe. The Free Run Sale is very lightweight, comfy, supportive, flexible and stylish. You will be able to go out on a run and feel secure.

Can a Shoe Be so Light?

The weight of the Nike Free Run Dames is 9 oz and this means that it is super duper light. This is one of the lightest shoes out there and this is really great, especially when you are running. Wearing these shoes, it almost feels as if you are wearing nothing. The Phylite midsole ensures that the overall weight of the shoe is reduced, but it is strong enough to deliver the cushioning and padding that is necessary for a running shoe of such caliber.

I Love the Support

The Nike Free Run+ 2 is a shoe that will keep the foot secure, without it being restricted. The mesh upper, allows the foot to move around, but yet it is reinforced with some flexible and lightweight thin strips. Aside from the strips for support, the Nike Free Run 2 Dames shoe also has an inner sleeve, that will help to keep the feet snuggly in place. Once again, this sleeve is not restrictive and you will be able to move the feet with no problems.

A Really Flexible Shoe

The flexibility of the Women's Nike Free Run 2 Sale is like nothing else out there. This shoe mimics walking/running barefoot and as such, the shoe can be turned and twisted in just about any direction. The amazing thing about all of this, is that your feet will have all of that flexibility, but there is still more than enough support. The flex grooves on the shoe are there to offer support, but they do not restrict the movement of the foot. If you want your feet to be "free", this is certainly the way to go.