Topic: chillispot for cloud based captive portal???

I am interesting in building a cloud based app for small businesses that allows them to provide a very simple splash page, or welcome page, to users of their free wifi network. For example, in a small cafe or restaurant which offers free wifi access to their customers, but wants a welcome page to say thanks, etc.

The solution needs to be suitable for almost any type of router out there, such as the one you would get given for free by your ISP, with no additional hardware needed. The solution also needs to be managed from a remote server, in the cloud.

Would Chillispot be a potential solution for this? Can Chillispot be installed on almost any bog standard router with no additional hardware? And can it be administered from the cloud?

I don't need user authentication, I'm just looking to throw a splash page, or welcome page at users of free wifi hotspots...

Is this possible?

Many thanks,