Topic: 3 routers 1 hotspot

Hi there first I am a bit of a Noob!
But not a total brick.

I am trying to help out a friend set up there church/cafe network.
The goal is to have wifi access from the caretakers house in the back of the church to the cafe in the front of the church.
The tricky part is that we want to run a chilispot in the cafe in the front of the church.

A total distance of 700-750'

My question is whether what I want to do is possible?, and the best possible config. to keep it all wireless.

The hardware involved is
three Linksys WRT54GL routers
firmware DD-WRT v23 SP1 Final (05/16/06) std
CPU model Broadcom BCM5352 chip rev 0

One of the routers will be in the middle of the church connected to the DSL modem.

I want to share the same connection through out the space, and have a hotspot in the cafe(front of church) as well.

Thanks for any and all help!

I will need fairly detailed instructions on how to config all three routers.


Re: 3 routers 1 hotspot


yes it's possible.

The first router has to be configured as a hotspot router and you must set the LAN ports to have 'chillispot enabled' ports.
We're using as the hotspot provider but you can make it work with others too.

Here's how you can set the LAN ports to have chillispot enabled ports:

1. Setup > Basic setup > Network Address Server Settings (DHCP)   > DISABLE (then Save)

2. Administration > HotSpot > Seperate WiFi from The Land Bridge > DISABLE, and
    Administration > HotSpot > DHCP Interface > Set  LAN & WLAN (then Save)

Then you must configure WDS for the 2 other routers (you don't need to have chillispot running there). Once they're connected they will get IP addresses by the chillispot from the parent router.

To configure WDS you can read this article:

If you're using a centralized hotspot system you can have 3 routers, all running chillispot with 3 SSIDs so users can choose where to connect.