Topic: problems with tun0 interface

I'm having problems with chillspot installation, every time I try to start the chilli these errors appears in /var/log/messages

Apr 29 18:17:26 chilli chilli: chilli startup succeeded
Apr 29 18:17:26 chilli chillispot[16118]: redir.c: 623: 99 (Cannot assign requested address) bind() failed
Apr 29 18:17:26 chilli chillispot[16118]: chilli.c: 3997: Failed to create redir
Apr 29 18:17:27 chilli hald[3349]: Timed out waiting for hotplug event 499. Rebasing to 500

I can't see the interface tun0 when I run ifconfig, so I think the problems is related with this.
I follow the configuration steps that appers in the however I do not anything with tun0 configuration already.
Could you please tell me what further I need to do in order to have the interface tun0 active?

Re: problems with tun0 interface

do this:

lsmod | grep tun

Should return something like this:

tun                    14657  1

If not, tun is not loaded.

Your Chilli init script should do this, but try it from the command line

modprobe tun

then start chilli and see what happens.