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I'm trying to create a custom login page for my chilli users.
Well actually, all I want is a welcome page.
I want the welcome page to have a link to the actual hotspotlogin.cgi page.

I edited chilli.conf and uncommented the uamhomepage section and put in a custom .html file.

Users browse, and get redirect to the custom .html file.

I would like my custom .html welcome page to contain a button link to the hotspotlogin.cgi file,
but I'm not sure what link to link to.
Is this even possible?

Linking directly to the cgi file creates a browser error,

"login must be performed through chillispot daemon."

I see that if I comment out the uamhomepage section of chilli.conf, then the browser
will get redirected properly to the login page, but with some huge long url. Which seems to change.

Would I have to hack the cgi script to include my welcome message, or is it possible to have
a custom welcome page first?


Re: custom login page

I read the documentation and missed the spot where it says how to use the uamhomepage.

I need to link to

All good now, thanks!

Re: custom login page

If you'd like to customize the actual chillispot pages as well with your own images,
css styles etc you can look in the daloradius package under contrib/chilli where you
will find an already existing template for you to play with.


Re: custom login page

That message means that is not working with secure protocol 'https'

Re: custom login page

Hi all,

I really love the hotspotlogin.php but the only problem i am encounting is that if popup is not enabled for the brower i will not be able to see my time left as the popup window will be blocked by default.

Is there any thing i can do to the hotspotlogin.php to authomatically popup just like the hotspotlogin.cgi script.