Topic: Differenct static ip, gateway and dns use

I want to use different static ip, gateway, dns in client computer. When client connect to my hotspot box (OpenSuse10.2+radius+chillispot+mysql), i want client's computer get an overwrite ip, gateway, dns from hotspot box; then client can access to internet with username and password.

For example:
-client1 computer:
  ip: 192.168.1.x/24

-client2 computer:
  ip: 192.190.51.x/24

-my hospot box has two network card: eth0(WAN) and eth1(LAN)
  +eth1 (nothing)
How do I need to configure chilli.conf or other files to let those client without changing their ip, gateway, dns can access to internet? after they disconnect or logout, then thier ip, gateway and dns remain the same.

Thank in advance.

Re: Differenct static ip, gateway and dns use

you may add more eth and run multi chillsipot but i never test..

if else  you may install 2 chillispot servers with 1 radius to get 2 class ip.