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Topic: Static and Dynamic IP ranges

I have a network protected by firewall with chillispot acting as a captive portal requiring users to authenticate prior to gaining network access. Due to firewall access need to ensure 3 hosts on this subnet maintain the same IP address (static allocation).

For a firewalled subnet, I am trying to break a class C subnet into 2 classifications


The 3 hosts requiring special access will be statically assigned 192.168.1.{10,11,12}.  However upon seeing any IP packet, chilli attempts to assign a dynamic address, and barks that the source is spoofed.

chillispot[27165]: chilli.c: 3479: Client MAC=00-1C-23-86-90-33 assigned IP
cb_dhcp_data_ind. Packet received. DHCP authstate: 5

Received packet with spoofed source!!!

How can I configure chilli to allow for static IP address?

Re: Static and Dynamic IP ranges

Im looking at setting up a similar configuration! I would like to use another dhcp server to assign clients ip addresses, so chilli would see them as already having ip addresses assigned. I want to do this to use dhcp benefits like relaying etc.

Re: Static and Dynamic IP ranges

I do not think Chillispot supports DHCP relaying. Any DHCP server that hands out IP addresses besides Chillispot in the Chillispot subnet will create the 'spoofed' messages.