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Topic: TraffPRO - Another good manager

Hi All,
Wanted to announce a new manager named traffPRO.
Written to achieve the following functions:
* Automatically routes traffic from your network (through one or multiple NICS) to the internet. No need to do it manually.
* Monitor and control Bandwidth Consumption in a network
* Restrict users from unauthorized access to the Internet (controlled by IP, MAC, User Name's and Passwords)
* Can be used as simple traffic consumption and  traffic reporting system without User Authorization except by IP or IP+MAC
* Web Based Interface for users, who can use it to gain authorization for access the Internet.
* Restrict users from  accessing resources to ports and domains
* Web Based Interface through which users can view amount of traffic they use.
* Protect the server From external Intrusion / hackers via an inbuilt firewall
* Control server bandwidth and traffic
* Can be used with a DHCP server.
* Can be used with a proxy server
* Can be used with ppp servers (vpn, pptp, pppoe)
* Restrict users to websites  using a 2 way policy: Either allow users to access URLs or block them. (Restriction is done via all IP protocols (tcp, udp etc)
* Get statistics on websites visited and amount of traffic downloaded by users via all protocols and ports.
* Control traffic across multiple servers (i.e many servers with traffpro but without a database connected to different networks  can access the Internet via a single server
with traffpro which has database and a administrative console)
* Connect Unlimited number of users without any restriction.
* Connect more then 1000 users without sorting them out in different networks (i.e. connect all in one server!)
* Reports on total amount of traffic used by users.
* Receive reports from users on the total traffic consumed on weekdays
* Receive reports from users on amount of traffic used based on ports
* Receive reports from users on amount of traffic used based on ports and  days
* Receive reports  from users on amount of traffic used based on number of connections to a resource (by ip + port, and or by domain)

Yes totally free.
Grab it from http://en.traffpro.ru