Topic: Chillispot + Phpmyprepaid bugs

Hello everyone, i don't know if this has just happened to me, i have correctly installed and configurated Chillispot+Freeradius+Mysql, and i installed phpmyprepaid, In first place, the app works all good, it makes auth from database, create users,to modify users, and so on.

The problem begins when i try to modify the expiration date of some random user (Subscriber Time) while the user is logged in. It seems to exists a crush on chillispot, and every machine on the net log off, and the internet connection is gone until i restart Chillispot. Then, i tried to modify the user account by setting a new expiration date while the user is logged off, but the Text Input is not more available....

I'm running chillispot on Ubuntu 8.10. And well, another issue is the Billing user part, wich stays in "Waiting for localhost" for too much, and then chillispot crashes again, but in normal accounts (not subscriber ones) this isn't happening, and as in the first issue, i have to restart chillispot for getting my hotspot working again.

Anyway, thanks for your help.

P.d: Is there a good application, like phpmyprepaid that i could try for administrating my hotspot?