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I'm using chillispot with dd-wrt and I've ran into a couple issues with my radius. 


I'm running Radiator 3.6 on my Linux server.  My log in page runs off my website using hotspotlogin.cgi.  I can successfully log in and surf and my users can authenticate to my radius (Radiator 3.6).  My goal is to set a few tweaks.  I've even learned to customize the hotspotlogin.cgi page per the variety of hotspots or apartment complexes I'm setting up.

1) I need to set bandwidth limits using radius.  I've got some band width hogs and need to set limits through my radius (radiator 3.6).  I can't change my radius software, so I need to use Radiator as it's tied to my billing system rodopi.
2) I need to also allow users to use MacAuth or MacAllow in addition to user login portal page.  I think the process is Mac address first and then it moves to User Log in if the mac address is not authorized.
3) User monitoring.  One of the other issues I have is I cannot see in the dd-wrt where the Chillispot users are or what IP's they are using.  Is there a command or way to see what IP's chillispot users are using?

Thanks for any responses.
Scott Huffman
Charlotte Internet

Re: Radius Configuration items

Thanks for your response and suggestions
1) I saw this info and will review.
2) I have several chillispot hotspots setup with the DD-WRT software.  Modifying the chilli.conf is not a viable option as I rely on the radius to authenicate and control users
3) The radius is Radiator 3.6.  My billing system uses SQL and pulls the data from the radius logs and inputs into the SQL.  I'm not sure what your direction or suggestion is here.  However, what I want to accomplish is to telnet or ssh to the DD-WRT router and then run a command like show users in the chillispot dhcp pool.

Scott Huffman
Charlotte Internet