Topic: Requirements


I have been using basic configurations of Chillispot for a while (running on OpenWRT on a WRT54GL). Users connect through wireless.

I am now receiving strange requirements from someone hosting such a box, and although it does seem impossible to achieve with Chillispot to me, maybe you will know better or may provide some hints. This person wants that:

1. if a user equipment is configured with any static IP address, he wants IP substitution to occur.
--> I guess thats impossible, but at least, the user being able to reach the captive portal (which would give instructions to the user on how to configure DHCP on his equipment) would be OK. Possible ?

2. same request, with static DNS servers configured on the user's equipment
--> tried with my basic configuration, portal is unreachable if static DNS servers do not respond. Any ideas ?

3. he also wants that if a web proxy is configured on the user's equipment, the user may still reach the portal.
--> tried with my basic configuration, portal is unreachable (as proxy is not reachable until chillispot allows it..). Any ideas ?

4. finally, he wants 2 users not to be able to route packets between themselves.
--> I tried, 2 users can ping each other. As I have iptables running, I can configure this requirement on the firewall. But was wondering if there is a better way to do this. Any ideas ?