Topic: login working but no access to internet


I've setup a FreeRadius server and Chillispot on a remote system for a customer. Radius, MySQL etc. are all working. I can login from a Buffalo router running DD-WRT with no problems. However when the customer tries to login locally to Chillispot on the server he gets authenticated by FreeRadius and all seems fine. The problem is that he can't access the Internet after a successful login. I suspect that it is either a TUN/TAP or a DNS problem. I haven't been to bed for the last two day's trying to get this to work, I've disabled the firewall, the server has a static IP on eth0 Chilli is on eth1, the OS is CentOS. Running FreeRadius in debug and Chilli in FG I can see the client is authenticated.  Any ideas are welcome.


Sean Bracken

Re: login working but no access to internet

have you done the chillispot.firewall to setup forwarding rules. ????

Re: login working but no access to internet

try this...
cp /usr/share/doc/chillispot-1.1.0/firewall.iptables /etc/init.d/chilli.iptables
vi /etc/rc.local
   service chilli restart
   service network restart

chown -R apache.apache /var/www
chkconfig dnsmasq on
chkconfig chilli on
chkconfig httpd on