Topic: Problem configuring a chillispot.


Can someone help me with this configuration problem:

I'm trying to set up chilli spot with dd-wrt using the link below;,_Chillispot,_Apache2,_FreeRadius,_freeradius-dialupadmin,_and_MySQL_on_Debian_4.0

Though the details are outdated. I managed to update the details, page by page, until the portion "Install and configure hotspotlogin.cgi". Each section does work individually, but when everything comes together, the user do not get redirected to the chilli spot login page. I have checked the connection information, everything seems alright. It still does not work. I am puzzled and want to know what has gone wrong. 

I am using two routers: Linksys WRT 160n (version 1) flashed with version 24 of ddwrt firmware, the other is a just a normal adsl router providing dhcp. I am using Ubuntu 9.10 OS.

The Network Connection details are as follows: (viewed by a user log in from another laptop)

Connection-specific DNS Suffix:
Description                                : Intel(R) Wireless WiFi Link 4965AGN
Physical Address                      : 00-1D-E0-3E-0F-45
DHCP Enabled                          : Yes
IPv4 IP Address                        :
IPv4 Subnet Mask                     :
Lease Obtained                         :Thursday, 6 May, 2010 9:18:46 AM
Lease Expires                           : Thursday, 6 May, 2010 9:30:05 AM
IPv4 Default Gateway               :
IPv4 DHCP Server                   :
IPv4 DNS Servers                    :

IPv4 WINS Server
NetBIOs over Tcpip Enabled     : Yes

I am not sure if I am missing any other information but please do advise me on what i should do. I'm trying to set up a hotspot system.

Re: Problem configuring a chillispot.

check your dns . it may use gateway of your