Topic: Wireless Hotspot over bridged connection

Hi All,

I'm looking to set up a wireless hotspot for our customers at my cafe to access for free. I have a set up as follows - A DSL router which supplies access to the internet. This does all the work, DHCP and what you might have. It uses the default settings that were in place since I used it for my own office computer.

But now I just installed a Linksys wrt54g, I installed DD-WRT Mega, which has some useful hotspot goodies such as chillispot. I changed around a few settings as it nows acts as a bridge for the connection such as disabling the WAN port (routers bridged via LAN ports), disabling DHCP on this router and basically preventing any collisions between the routers.
I have full access to the net as do my customers connected via wireless. But now I want to utilise the hotspot software. I signed up for a free account with hotspotsystem and used the settings they provide for setting up their service with chillispot. This however did not work and when connecting to the network it just times out. I also tried worldspot (same problem). I asked the team at hotspot system and they said the configuration I had was fine. However, mayebe is it that I'm letting the the primary router do all the work such as DHCP, or should my hotspot (secondary) router be working just fine with the set up?

Thanks in advance guys!