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Topic: Freeradius, Mysq, Application, no login Chiilispot

Hi friends

I have installed Freeradius, Chillispot, Mysql, Squid also made a java application to manipulate users, all this is mounted on Oracle VirtualBox Fedora system 13.

My local network is eth0 mask
Gw Internet eth1 (Provider Router) mask
I upgraded all the software and patching the OS possible.

I have installed, DNS-cache, Squid, Dovecot, Postfix, Samba, httpd, SSL, Webmin, Dhcp, Sarg, etc.

1. Freeradius authenticate either because they run all the test connection and these are optimal, also by wirelless I connect.
2. I have squid as a transparent proxy working perfectly with the gunwales of iptables, also raised the additional service that is transparent proxy, this vesion of fedora which contains all the rules of navigation. where set and networks with transparent proxy 3128
3. Mysql connect and configure the application to develop Java-based freeradius contains tables.
4. You run the script of chilli to activate their own firewall for security
5. I left the native firewall Fedora 13 desabilidado to avoid any further problem, just use the chillispot native squid amended to port 3128
6. Chillispot activate your DHCP and I have a segment on the clients assigned
7. You have ssl configured to run chillispot, but am not sure where I have to put the keys and certificates to run chillispot

My problem is:

1. Chillispot not show me the login access, I have handled all chilli.conf configuration and I can not make it work
2. From the customers I can run ping, tracert, nslookup and resolve DNS Built in lifetime problem without running the script and chilli.

NOTE: Previously I did the same tests, but had chillispot login and even data are recorded in Table radacct of freeradius when I connected and disconnected ... but could not browse or ping. or nslookup, tracert or anything ......

Now I have everything except the blessed login access!.

In the configuration I get to notice a site that wants to launch at https: / / / prelogin and when to route me to the login server problem.

I suggest you that I have done wrong? or that I would be wanting to check?

Sorry for the bad English, sorry!