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Topic: Multiple Wireless access points

Hi Guys,

i have the following scenario: I have a Server with 4 network cards, i use eth0 for
my LAN, eth1/tun0 for my wireless access point and i have 2 spare ports.

Usually, when i have to install more than 1 wireless access point, i connect a switch
to my eth1/tun0, and then connect my access points to this switch, but once i have these 2
spare ports, i am wondering if there is any way to redirect the traffic from these 2 network
cards ETH2 and ETH3 to ETH1/TUN0?

Thank you.

Re: Multiple Wireless access points

in /etc/chilli.conf you have a section like this

# TAG: dhcpif
# Ethernet interface to listen to.
# This is the network interface which is connected to the access points.
# In a typical configuration this tag should be set to eth1.
dhcpif eth1

you should be able to create a bridge for your spare ethernet interfaces and make chilli give dhcp from br0

hope this helps

Re: Multiple Wireless access points

It might work!!! I am gonna try!!! Thanks for your help anyway!!! wink