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late reply, but your english is ok to read!

can we turn off chilli's DHCP that would be nice and use a central DHCP linked to Radius ;?


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Belkin have GPL Code on their web for their latest PreN Devices with 32F, 128R now and im working on an image, will need a central server for radius/sql but with the aid of daloradius i think this is possible. ill be offering a solution on my servers soon. keep your eyes open for what happens in June 2008


Liri, we must skype soon your SVN versions are getting there!

if i can help with suggestions i will, im sysadmin more than coding so i impliment rather than create. . . if you need demo servers or anything im happy to provide


Andrew - AKADATA...

i have compiled ipp2p now and i have binary for debian 4 etch, centos 4.5 and ubuntu it kills p2p just about in its tracks, put this with daloradius and you have a wonderfull solution.


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i want zebra, olsrd and chillispot on 2mb flash, have option of 32mbF 128mbR wifi solution, just waiting on hardware now  - i want , am developing it with radius involved! let the device get its config from remote server while becoming part of the network.

i can flash so far many (4) devices with RTL8186 buildroot, ill upload sources soon, with 3-5 buildroots.
the devices have 2mb flash and 8-16mb ram so far, tempted with Belkins offering of OSS smile they give 3 buildroots, and 2 tool chains extra wink

have buildroot for Belkin , realtek, arm, mips

my belkin is 4mbF/32mbR wink 802.11N1 device with 3 MPAX antenna diepoles - its Intel IXP425 wink im looking forward to fun


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i did it, it just involved this line

./configure --build=pentium3-pc-linux-gnu --host=mips-linux CC=mips-uclibc-gcc 2>&1 | tee config.log

ive now got an RTL8186 based AP with 2mb flash and either 8 or 16mb ram running chillispot and olsrd wink


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izn wrote:

maybe this?



I found them just after posting  last night, the patches apply ok, but im still building intel x86 binary's and cant make sense of the chillispot configure command, ive tried doing ./configure  --host=mips

i would just love to use openwrt on my firmware but its not supported yet, so im using edimax-sources for the RTL8186 AP/ Router hardware

im still getting x86 bin's ill not give up yet - got olsrd in there now and working. . patitents and time is all thats needed.


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HI i am currently trying to cross compile chillispot for mips firmware using /gcc333 - lexra-nnop-v5 cross compiler,

i can build firmware for my 2mb flash 16mb ram device and i can even make them run with 8mb ram but its a little tight.

does anyone have sources for chillispot for MIPS hardware or DIFFS to help me on my way, ill release the code back to the public once ive got it working.


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search google for daloRADIUS its fantastic, i installed in china over the easter weekend, its very nice, have installed myself on my own network , and for a network thats used over 160gb download traffic this month...


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may i suggest either define vars or edit manually this part

sql_server = my server or
sql_username = my user or radius
sql_password = my password or PASSWORD
sql_database= datebase to select

if (!($mylink = mysql_pconnect('<sql_server>', '<sql_username>', '<sql_password>'))) {
    echo mysql_error();
mysql_select_db('<sql_database>',$mylink) or die(mysql_error());

ofcourse it was an iptables problem, you are using an IP address for UAM it just couldnt have been a DNS issue wink im late i know but it doesnt take much linux to understand.

that said you just fixed a long term problem i have/ had!!!

may i suggest you add a destination IP for DNS requests thou. make clients use your DNS server not Any DNS server????



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MySQL is not setup correctly, my standard fee for fixing an uptodate server is


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IVE been using chillispot for nearly 4 years now and with only a small number of users MySQL is 90% must.

Files are ok but can you keep track of where it goes?

rum MySQL on a remote server and we are away!

Revolver, any reply to the help i have given???

OPs. NO not to date.  go find daloRADIUS and install it!

its WOW better then dialup_admin, php based with the correct modules and apps/services its a winner!

wink chillispot just got good.


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another request for help today after fixing a server in China on Good Friday for a user of chillispot.

give me two hours with a server and you have a solution!

go looking at google for daloradius, i have adopted this on 2 sites, and 2 seperate radius servers and have found it very good.

if you find an answer of manage to compile l7-filter ( iptables ) then let me know, blocking p2p is essential as it can crash iptables with 30 users at the same time. and kill the server until a reboot.. .

setup freeradius with ldap support or IAS on 2003/whatever MS server for Radius features to work with AD....

I have been seeing something just like this, I get IP packets rx but not tx, its most wered. works on one CPU/Server but another!

shmool wrote:

Maybe this?


# iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -i tun0 -p tcp -s --dport 80 -j REDIRECT --to-destination

Lovely just what i have been looking for.

there is nothing like being sysadmin and owning your system, lazy Me, if i had really wanted to know i would have learnt!

: )thats a message mainly to myself.


(self.name == \"chillispot_popup\")) {

change "chillispot_popup" to a new current Windows name or remove it!


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mysql-daloradius-and-freeradius.sql  mysql-migrate-0.92-to-0.93_operators_table.sql  mysql-migrate-0.95-to-0.96.sql
mysql-daloradius-sample-data.sql     mysql-migrate-0.93-to-0.94_hotspots_table.sql   pgsql-daloradius-sample-data.sql
mysql-daloradius.sql                 mysql-migrate-0.93-to-0.94_userinfo_table.sql   pgsql-daloradius.sql
mysql-freeradius.sql                 mysql-migrate-0.94-to-0.95.sql

look at these files from the daloRADIUS Sourceforge project, very interesting and helped me quite alot. thou its not as stable in the database as it is in files.

Regards tonight.


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Evening everyone, hope its still evening.

21:22 at the start on the 12th March 2008

I have found a few things for radius recently, first daloRADIUS on Sourceforge, its most execlent!

next caferadius that if you search my messages you will find the information needed.

I have implimented these in two locations! it all works well.

Struggling With Hotcakes and cake application for PHP. my CENTOS 4.x box it not as stable as its last incarnation.

anyone with hotcakes help?

daloRADIUS is cool again, just about to look again at coovaCHILLI, ,

download dalo adopt OLSR and have fun with ChilliSpot - if you need help ask me, beg me and if im lucky pay me!

from what you have said in your messageit suggests you are going to the UAM URL and not letting chillispot redirect you there
if you havent resolved your issue as this is an old message then send me a PM ill try and help.


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ive reinstalled my server with Centos4 i was FC3 before, its not working now, im even testing TLS and TTLS but i just cant yet make it work, 3 years of no other traffic on my network now i can sniff other users, i hate it when i fix it ill let you know. . .


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without going into too much detail as its detailed elsewhere on the forum,

enable SQL auth/logging etc get users from MySQL i use this in a table -

PAP and CHAP and EAP - EAP-TTLS with Cert for auth, i disabled most everything else.

i have chilli working with freeradius1 and freeradius2beta

goto sourceforge and search for wifipaypal smile its execlent, i made a few mods to it and now it uses WISPr-Session-Terminate-Time my clients signup for 24 hours, 7 days or 1 month and WISPr-Session-Terminate-Time takes care of the rest.

i give users 2mb down and 256k up for bandwidth...

in place of Max-All-Session and Expiration  i use WISPr-Session-Terminate-Time this works perfect...

SAMPLE for a 1 day user created on the 30/01/2008 at 09:50:31, i allow for 2 hours extra on any signup as a period of grace. from RADCHECK table in Radius......

| 249 | cetrab14  | User-Password                | := | lutdukad                        |
| 250 | cetrab14  | Simultaneous-Use             | := | 1                               |
| 251 | cetrab14  | WISPr-Session-Terminate-Time | := | 2008-01-31T9:50:31+02:00        |
| 252 | cetrab14  | WISPr-Bandwidth-Max-Up       | := | 262144                          |
| 253 | cetrab14  | WISPr-Bandwidth-Max-Down     | := | 2621440       

nothing is needed on client pc/laptop its all done by chilli / freeradius, but you MUST include the chilli dictonary file in radius dictonary file.

to see what wifipaypal is like goto https://secure.simplywifi.co.uk/wifipay/  its not live yet so feel free to paypal me

Spanning Tree is the answer, but have you tried Virtual Access Points using Atheros MadWIFI ??

ath0+eth0=BR0 uplink Adhoc + ethernet + OLSR (olsr.org) -
ath1+2+3+4+5+6++eth1,2,3 = AP with ESSID's different? WPA or WEP or open and chilli do WPA-Radius? in another bridge call it BR1 wink

then chilli.conf    dhcpif=br1

get pyramid linux - it does all this

Oh and you cant have a router in the picture unless they are on a different bridge / subnet to the chilli IP range, it just dont work. chilli wants to give your AP's an IP if the can hear - answer is block port 67 on your Routers from direct request... VLAN here helps. .


Andrew Smalley.

BTW: :: : ath0-x can be a single radio on different channels/freq. + different Mac/BSSID's